The power of we.

Jul '14

One of the most difficult part of a startup is probably building the team around it. A team of people that trust each other, have fun and share the same core values. Here are 4 tips to build a better team.

1. Stop using "I", use "WE" instead.

If you want people to have a sense of belonging, use the word "we" when you speak. It's inclusive, it shows that people are aligned and send that the whole team has a direction. This is a great feeling. Try to wear the shoes of that guy that just joined you. The best you can do, is to make him feel included. Soon, when he will talk to new colleague, he will use the word "we".

PS: This goes also for your public profiles in social media. Stop saying "I am looking for a ... to work on android", but "we are looking for". So people will understand that they are joining a team.

2. There is a difference between working "for" and working "with"

Ask youself this question: Would I rather work with a friend, or work for my boss ? I bet you just understood my point. I want to consider my peers as equal. I want to work with others and not for others (the salary being left aside). Working with someone is uplifting, can be fun or at least helps to create bounds.

3. Building a team doesn't happen over night.

In any case, don't rush things. Things happen with time. As much as you would like to convert anyone to like your team, it will only happen with time and patience. The only thing you can do is to empower people in creating bonds and giving a good time.

4. A team needs a purpose.

Ultimately, people are forming a team when they have a common direction, a common goal, a mission to accomplish. Communicate that mission, make sure that everyone agrees and undertand the choices made. Don't let people behind (and if you do, communicate clearly).

You can read further on the topic by reading Tribe, and Delivering Happiness. But just remember one thing, a tribe does't belong to anyone else than itself.