It's a matter of scale

Sep '13

Learning is the most important thing to me. Without learning, there is no progress. Learning is a rewarding, yet difficult activity. I found a way to see better results in no time. It's a matter of scale.

In the past few years I have learned a new culture, a new language, another language, how to play guitar and lately, I started to learn how to improve my design skills. All these great and different subjects have that one thing in common. Their sets of rules (called thir scale).

No language can be learned without respecting the set of rules of grammar – as complicated they are. Grammar is the scale of the language. If applied correctly, this scale will make your language sound fluent, nice to the ear and enjoyable to speak. Learning the guitar or any instruments is also a matter of scale. If you respect the defined notes in a scale, you have a pretty good chance to make something that sound like music. Listen in the following example how, just by applying 1 (one) single chord using the arpegio chord, Gonzales can make music. Simple but musically sounding sounds.

Note: you may have to click "Play" many times to seek to the right position. Give it a try.

Genius. And have you checked until he is reproducing some of Daft Punk music ? Amazing. Simple rule applied giving some great result.

Learning design is no different. I've been wondering how people could craft some super handsome design. Wow ! So creative. But in fact, designers have learned how to apply a sets of rules. Typography, a set of rules to apply to the letters, grids, a scale to align elements, colors, a scale to select the best colors.

Next time you want to learn something and you catch yourself saying: "I have no talent for this", remember that you don't have to be a creative genius or have "talent". You just need to respect the scale and have fun doing so.