Sebastien Requiem

based on a true story

How to improve your negociation skills

Jan '15

Negociating is always a difficult thing at first. It requires guts, nerves and a certain sense of drive in order to get what you want. Things can go three ways: you push too hard and pisses everyone off and they leave the table, you dont get what you want, or you end up making deal that feels right where everyone has to bleed a little in order to reach an agreement.

How I boost my productivity as a developer - part 2

Nov '14

Over the years, I have been forced to become more productive. I ended up making a small check list of both mental and technological tool to help me getting the maximum of myself during the day. Here it is.

Why I refuse to provide my identity to online services

Oct '14

More and more services require some kind of identification. While it makes sense for some, it makes absolutely no sense for others. Not only this violate your rights but also can put your identity at risk. Read the rest of this article and learn how to say no.

How to choose your co-founder

Sep '14

Creating a company is not an easy nor a small task. It usually requires a set of competences that are crossfield and difficult to acquire. Marketing, Product development, Analysis, and so on. This may lead you to choose a business partner. Here is 5 tips on how to choose your co-founder.

The power of we.

Jul '14

One of the most difficult part of a startup is probably building the team around it. A team of people that trust each other, have fun and share the same core values. Here are 4 tips to build a better team.

How I boost my productivity as a developer.

Feb '14

Every single developer want to be more productive. Here are my tips on how I increased mine. I have been working from home for about 4 years and at first it was not that easy to be productive.

Killing the ASAP culture

Jan '14

All developers working in a product based startup know what I am talking about. The As Soon As Possible culture. As you know, I have been involved in some startups (and quit them). In these past experiences, everytime I was discussing with our "Product Manager", all features should be done As Soon As Possible.

Quit your startup before getting sick.

Dec '13

In early 2012, I started from the ground up a company called UltimateManager with two partners and a seed investor. In late 2013 (a little less than 2 years after), I decided to quit it and let my partners enjoy the ride. Here is why.

Why I like bitcoin

Dec '13

This is it. The hype is here, the media are relaying a lot of information. You didn't even know what bitcoin was two weeks ago. Now people are rushing to get some. Hype, speculation or real game changer ?

A tale of privacy (part 1)

Oct '13

Due to the recent events regarding global spying and government not being totally honest regarding the activities against its own citizens, I have decided to reclaim my privacy. And here is how it goes ...

The founder and the vision.

Oct '13

As a developer and and through my journey of founding different startups, I've come to realise how important the vision is, when it comes to product development. To me, it's a matter of design*.

It's a matter of scale

Sep '13

Learning is the most important thing to me. Without learning, there is no progress. Learning is a rewarding, yet difficult activity. I found a way to see better results in no time. It's a matter of scale.